About me

Hello, I’m Nataliya Lucas and I want to share with you the story of the journey of my transformation and current mission as a weight loss coach. Seat comfortably, I hope you’re going to get inspired!

My path has its beginning in the gorgeous city located in the southwest of Ukraine – Odessa, where I was born. Thanks to this location I’ve been lucky to have an access to the beaches of the Black Sea. Beautiful people with perfectly sculpted bodies are a common view out there. For a long time, I had been skinny, too. However, due to the stress connected with being a student, I had gained lots of weight and started smoking cigarettes.

One day I decided to finally take an action and transform my life completely. My goals were to lose weight and quit smoking. It took tons of work, but the results were worth it! After four years I finally reached the finish line. Currently, I live with my husband in Oregon and I couldn’t be happier with my appearance. Every day I’m grateful how my life has panned out. Without the changes, I would never be as happy as i am now. I  met my amazing husband who was mesmerized by the vitality I was full of after the weight loss. He’s my great motivator when it comes to keeping on being and looking healthy. Moreover, his support drives me to help other people!

To be honest, I was trying to lose weight on my own and I wish somebody gave me some valuable tips back then. When you decide to deal with your weakness alone, it usually gets overwhelming. Especially when you don’t have much experience. That’s why my mission is to give you a helping hand if you are also willing to lose some supplementary weight fast.
I strongly believe that it all starts with the proper mindset. Then all you need is to find your way to reach your goal. But no worries, that’s the point where I’m gonna do some decent troubleshooting! I’m all about giving the value: step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and helpful tips. It’s my job to guide you through the great variety of interesting researchers and programs I want to suggest that bring people great results in the short period of time. Everything checked by me to make sure it can help you, too. Form women to woman.

There is one thing you need to remember: nothing that is valuable comes easy. In order to accomplish something, you need to make the effort to reach it. That’s the reason why I’m looking forward to working with people who understand that. Are you the fearless hard worker who is able to push yourself to your own limits? If the answer is “yes”, follow my free guide and make your dreams come true!

Let’s get to the work together!