Guided Meditation for Self-Love

Practicing Self-Love

Guided Meditation for Self-Love

This is especially true if you are on a weight-loss journey and need encouragement to continue walking this path. We know this commitment to eat, drink, and exercise to better our health comes bearing its own challenges.

Self-love encourages us to love ourselves the way we are inherent. It is the idea that all our actions and thoughts should support us in a way that no one else can. At its finest, it is the appreciation of oneself beyond shortcomings, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.

Yes, life can be full of challenges and surprises. But if you approach your weight-loss journey mindfully, you will soon behold the beauty and ease it brings. Exercising and staying active will become second nature, and so will nurture your body and spirit. When it comes to feeling good inside and out, staying true to yourself is all that matters.

Practicing self-love also gives way to the idea that you won’t add value to others’ lives unless you take care of yourself. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty vessel.

Self-Love and Meditation

One way of harnessing self-love is through guided meditation.

  • Start by sitting in a quiet room, away from distractions;
  • Close your eyes. Imagine you are out in nature. It is a bright, clear day. Trees, grass, and vine lush and pregnant with fruits and flowers. Imagine you can hear the quiet gurgling of a nearby river;
  • Imagine you are a tree in this vast green field. You can be any tree you like. Big, small, mighty, sturdy;
  • Now feel the sunlight enveloping you in its warmth. If you have any aches and pains, imagine the sunlight is focused there. Let the warmth comfort and heal you;
  • This is the kind of attention and cares your mind, body, and soul needs;
  • Doing this will give you a renewed sense of purpose and revitalize your waning energy;
  • From this point on, make a promise to yourself that the question will prompt every action of yours, “Is this good for my mind and body?” Listen closely. Your heart already knows the answer;
  • Everything you eat and drink will be met with the same question.

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