Why Choose Healthy Cafe over regular Restaraunts

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Welcome to my new blog. It’s a beautiful Saturday in Palm Springs California with bright skies and pleasant weather. I visited the Healthy Food Café, the epic center of healthy eating in Palm Springs, service the best vegan food. As usual, I met a long line but I had to wait to place my order. Alas, it got to my turn and all I could think of was the gluten-free, calorie-free Nori wrap and a highly nutritious vegan skinny smoothie. There is nothing better for me on the menu

Until now, I eat just like most people do without giving a second thought to the ingredients and recipe. Good news is I’m a vegan and life hasn’t been any easier since then. Want to live a healthy life and cut down on excess fat? Then healthy eating is the answer. Eat a lot of salad, vegetable, and fruit daily.
But why is eating healthy so important? I’ve heard people ask this question a number of times. Truth is, most people are so caught up in daily activities that they eat all sorts of food that comes their way. They put any edible, tasty food into their body without looking at its composition or ingredients. For some, they turn to trendy dieting as a remedy for weight gain. I have walked this path before but instead of getting positive results, my health conditions kept deteriorating. It is important to know that healthy eating cannot be categorized like a diet. It’s a life style!
Eating clean and healthy is a great way to improve wellbeing, extend lifespan and prevent chronic diseases that are either untreatable or expensive to treat. Despite the awareness to eating clean food, only a few Americans consume the daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. That’s quite sad. Of course, there are healthy food choices in virtually all cities but they are usually rare in fast food or regular restaurants.

What is clean, natural eating?

Clean eating is when you start eating whole foods – these are the kinds of food that are natural and has not been modified neither are there any added preservatives. Now is the time to stop eating refined and processed foods. This way, you will not only achieve longevity but also enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The food prepared and served at healthy café or restaurants include all kinds of nutritious, non-refined, quality whole foods. With this option, I don’t have to worry about the composition. I eat what my body needs which is healthy, clean food and stay clear of the refined stuff.

Health Benefits of Healthy Cafes

Unlike food served in regular restaurants which contain lots of fats, healthy cafés have assisted me in my quest to getting rid of refined sugars, replace saturated fats with healthy fats and provide healthy balanced meals.
Here are some of the benefits of healthy eating

Promotes Health
Consuming healthy food can improve your overall health. Clean, natural food is unprocessed, contains no preservatives and is organically grown. The major composition includes legumes, vegetable, fresh fruits, olive and vegetable oils. Eating these foods make you feel better and improve your health. As a matter of fact, healthy eating provides lasting solutions to aging

It comes as no surprise when some people claim eating out at a local restaurant is cheaper than healthy food stores. Personally, I find this statement baseless and untrue. In fact, you spend more eating out in regular restaurants. Since healthy food stores use only the finest and freshest ingredients, they don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on buying chemicals to make the food tasty and last long. Regular restaurants add the cost of chemicals to the food, which in turn makes it more expensive. Choose healthy cafes today and save hundreds of dollars. It is a great way to reduce your expenses

Have control Over Portions
Except you find a restaurant that makes client needs their priority, a lot of them provide oversized portion. You’ll be amazed at the massive sized portion regular restaurants serve their guests these days. Ultimately, you are eating more than enough calories your body needs. If you keep up with this habit then you’ll probably gain weight within the shortest time possible. Healthy café, on the other hand, offers you the chance to control your portion. They know the exact food portions to serve you. Eating in the right amount is very important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s the real deal on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Know what you eat
It is your right to know what you’re eating. Unfortunately, most fast food restaurants fail to publish ingredients lists for each menu item. Some restaurants go as far as publishing this list on their websites but the truth is they are not always comprehensive. Keep in mind that a vast majority of the food you’re being served is not prepared using the finest ingredients. If you choose regular restaurants, then you have to deal with eating half of the periodic table. With healthy food stores, you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Enjoy easy access to high-quality produce and avoid eating food that will cause harm to your body. Choose organic foods and improve your overall health.

High-quality food
Food at regular restaurants goes through different kinds of production processes, no doubt. This results in a significant reduction in the overall food quality. Most restaurants used frozen foods that are heated thus making the cooking process much faster. Furthermore, food is stored for much longer than recommended, which in turn reduces quality. However, healthy food cafes use only the freshest ingredients. Fresh foods are rich in nutrients and nourish the body greatly.
Some restaurants offer healthy foods but the truth is they aren’t always that healthy. Healthy food stores pick ingredients that will give your body the nutrients it needs. Keep your body highly functional and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy restaurant, you can be assured of getting natural and high-quality recipes that are low in fat.

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