7 Common Weight Loss Problems Nobody Talks About

Weight problems

“My weight loss journey went amazingly well.
No weight loss problems whatsoever for me to worry about!”
-Said no one ever
Losing weight is not as easy as it seems.
We’ve been fed the common idea that ‘you are what you eat.’. This old-age saying is taken to mean that eating rabbit food will help us shed those extra pounds. So we start munching on those carrots and putting some hours at the gym.
But at the end of the day, our weighing scale still displays the same hopeless figure. Am I right?
Here are a few notorious weight loss problems that everyone face.

1. You`ve been following wrong diet.

Dieting problem
Death by diet

Wait… What?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but trendy diets don’t always work. They are neither as healthy as they claim to be. Nor will they help you lose weight in the long run. So stop slurping soups every day and go back to eating wholesome meals, please.

2. Your body doesn’t seem to get the a memo.

Muffin tops
Muffin Tops and What Nots

A word of advice to any newcomers in the fitness club― your body might not want to lose weight. You’ll notice this when the muffin top doesn’t melt away after four solid weeks of dieting. Why does this happen? It might be slow metabolism, fluctuating hormones or water retention. So you might need to switch thing up to help the body get ready.

3. You don’t get time to work out.

weight loss problem image
The Ticking Clock

You might have found the perfect plan to lose weight. But there is only one teensy-weensy problem. You haven’t got time to execute it! The only way to untangle yourself from this situation is by finding a workout regime that fits your schedule. (Even 5-minute sessions can do wonders!)

4. Your rigorous sessions at the gym don’t turn out so well.

Gym problems image
Workouts Knock You Out

Most people are under the assumption that working out is all it takes to lose weight. That’s why they are seen at the gym 24/7 and end up facing fatigue. To them, I say that workouts are just part of the equation. So don’t expect to lose weight after a couple of weight lifts you need to set some ground rules in the kitchen too.

5. Your well-balanced meal isn’t balanced.

Balanced meals

The Balancing Act

Have you turned your back on carbohydrates and dairy products? Well, that’s why your stomach has been bloating up to tell you that it needs them back. A well-balanced meal isn’t restricted to portion sizes or proteins. You’ve got to eat the healthy stuff no matter where it belongs in the food pyramid.

6. You are always hungry.

curbing appetites
Sweet Cravings

Diet plans don’t just make you hungry. They make you HANGRY! That’s why most people end up sneaking back to those sweet old days in an instant. The only way to stick to a diet plan is by not starving yourself. So how does one succeed in finding the right balance?

7. Zero motivation

weight loss problems
Lack of Motivation

How many times have you dropped out of a weight loss program? The answer is one too many. We might be excited to lose weight for a special occasion, but once that event’s over we are back to our old eating (unhealthy) habits. You need to find a way to keep that motivation high all the time.
How many of these problems have you faced? Tell me about your weight loss struggles and I’ll try my best to find the solution. (@nataliyalucascoach) Please comment.

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