Don’t Sabotage your Weight: Avoid These Habits

Don’t Sabotage Your Weight: Avoid These Habits

So you’ve been dieting and working out, yet there is no significant improvement. Perhaps, you’ve tried everything – eating healthy, reducing sugar intake, slashing calories – and there’s nothing to show for it. One of the reasons why the number on your scale still remains at the same spot might be because you’re doing something wrong. You may not realize it, but some habits could sabotage your weight loss goals.
In the many years I have been coaching people on how to lose weight, I have come to realize that many people are unable to lose weight due to self-sabotage. And it’s not hard to see why. Habits can either be your closest allies or worst master. While good habits will work well, bad habits can hamper your efforts to effective weight loss. It is quite easy to say ditch the bad habits and replace with good ones.
However, it is somewhat difficult to break some habits because they are already part of us. I have compiled a list of common bad habits sabotaging your best efforts to lose weight as well as tips on how to get rid of them.

Bad Habit 1: Mindless Overeating

Today, distracted dining is a part of the modern world. Many people wine and dine while doing something else like watching TV, operating their laptops, or interacting with their friends or boss on phone. Due to these distractions, you pay less attention to the need of your body, particularly when it signals that you are full so you should stop eating. Whether eating healthy or not, do not overeat!

The Solution

• Keep devices out of sight or reach while dining
• Chew slowly, and pay close attention to your body’s full signal
• Avoid eating large food portion

Bad Habit 2: Cutting Out Meals

When you skip meals, particularly breakfast, you’re removing an entire meal’s worth of calories. Of course, you will most likely experience positive results in your weight loss goals but eventually, you will hit the crossroads. I can’t stress this enough eating wholesome breakfast is key to achieving improved weight loss results. Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced breakfast consisting of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. This way, you may have no need for food for a longer period of time. This, in turn, results in reduced food intake for the rest of the day. if you’re the busy type, then I’d suggest you think ahead and prepare foods in advance.

The Solution

• Don’t cut out meals
• Save time by preparing food ahead of time
• Eat balanced and nutritious breakfast that will keep you going for longer

Bad Habit 3: Eating What Appeals to You

The primary reason why people often fill their stomach is due to pure hunger, no doubt. However, there are a particular set of individuals that over-do it. They eat whatever appeals to them. Just thinking about a well-prepared meal might send a signal to your body and if you’re unable to control your cravings you will end up consuming the piece of food. Of course, it is quite difficult to avoid a nicely prepared meal with a great aroma. But you can as well replace them with colorful, healthy foods and prepare them to look just as appealing as what you’ve just seen. If you keep eating everything that your eyes find appealing, there is no escaping weight-gain.

The Solution

• Eat smaller portion when eating out
• Work on your food cravings
• Prepare healthy meals that look just as appealing.


Bad Habit 4: Not Drinking Enough Water

Water plays a significant role in the optimal functioning of the human body. Keeping yourself hydrated is a major key to weight loss. It helps to detoxify the skin and keep it glowing. In addition, staying hydrated helps you stay full thus preventing overeating. Unfortunately, many people use diet sodas instead of water. Although sodas don’t have many calories, they offer no nutritional value. This, in turn, slows down metabolism.

The Solution

• Keep your body hydrated regularly
• Invest in a good, reusable drink bottle

These are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid for better weight loss results. Until you identify and deal with the reasons why you fear success, then the odds of becoming successful is slim.

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