How to Lose Weight Using 5-Minute Breaks during a Workday

How to Lose Weight Using 5-Minute Breaks during a Workday


Exercising is hard as it is. Add in a busy schedule, and it becomes almost impossible to lose any weight. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to utilize those 5 minutes breaks at the office to flatten that protruding belly.
Scroll down to read some genius ways to lose weight in just 5 minutes!
Take the Stairs
Stairs provide a complete body workout. Whether you are at the office or working from home, take a five-minute break to run up and down the stairs. The vigorous body exercise will work to speed up your metabolism, making it easier to lose weight. Furthermore, taking stairs has proved to be an excellent cardio exercise.
2.5 Minutes Intense Workout
Most people believe that working out for at least 20 minutes is essential to increase metabolism. Contrary to this popular belief, recent research has shown that an intense workout of only about 2.5 minutes can prompt calorie burn throughout the day! Perhaps look for a place in your office building to have an intense workout for 2.5 minutes? Remember, 150 seconds is all you need to make a difference!
Super Squats
Doing squats is a surefire way to burn some calories while improving your upper and lower body strength. Expert’s advice is to make a habit of performing a set of squats every time you go to the restroom! It’s a great idea because it will take only a few minutes. Plus, the privacy of the restroom will make sure you don’t feel silly while performing squats at the office.
Walk Around!
Have you noticed how we spent most of our time at the office just sitting around? It’s time you change that by walking as much as possible. Maybe instead of sliding your chair around, just stand up and walk that short distance?


Another idea is to make a habit of walking around while you talk on your phone but make sure you don’t disturb your colleagues too much!
Make the most of your 5-minutes breaks!

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