Easy Gluten-Free Bread Recipe for Thanksgiving

Loaf of Gluten-Free Bread

If you struggle with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, you know the pain of having to look for gluten-free food options to make on Thanksgiving. Having gluten sensitivities means that you can’t tolerate gluten when ingested because it creates symptoms like headaches, joint pain, and numbing sensations in your arms and legs. You may also experience intestinal discomfort, but this goes away once you adapt a gluten-free diet.

Here’s an easy gluten-free bread recipe that you can make at home, so you don’t have to deal with the pain of consuming regular bread.

Time: 1 hour

Makes: 1 loaf


325 ml of semi-skimmed milk

2 eggs

1 tsp of white wine vinegar

450 g of gluten-free brown bread flour

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp golden caster sugar

1 tbsp gluten-free instant yeast

3 tbsp olive oil

Hopefully, this gluten-free bread recipe will come in handy for you the next time you really need a side of bread on Thanksgiving that won’t make you sick. You can also eat it on its own. Enjoy!


1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

2. Pour the milk into a pot at keep it at low heat until it warms up, then put it aside to cool

3. Mix eggs and vinegar into a big bowl and then add the milk little by little until all of it is mixed together

4.In another bowl, mix the flour, sugar, salt and yeast and stir them together until they’ve become a dough ball

5. Add olive oil to the flour mixture to make the dough less sticky. Add more flour if necessary

6. Grease a baking tray and place the dough inside. Cover it with a slightly wet, but not dripping tea towel and leave the dough to rise for around 1 hour, or when you see it become twice the original size

7. Take the tray and put it in the oven for about half an hour, or until you can see that the dough has cooked completely. Check with a toothpick to make sure it has cooked through, but don’t burn it

8. Set it aside to cool

Vegans can substitute the eggs, milk and batter for vegan “Just egg”, (gluten free), almond milk and gluten free vegan batter.🌱

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